There’s perhaps no part of the city more in need of unlimited coffee than the Financial District, and it’s finally arrived with Daily Grind.

You would be forgiven for missing Jeff Salé ’s cheery orange cubbyhole of a cafe at 65 Nassau Street

There’s room for maybe three people to stand inside, where kale-quinoa salads and tomato soup share space with square pies from This Pie Is Nuts and pastries from Bien Cuit in the display case.

Salé can usually be found behind the counter, serving French-pressed coffee that’s an equal blend of Sumatran and Colombian beans, all roasted in Brooklyn. 


“You get the coffee sediments to some degree and that’s what makes it a little bit fuller and a little bit bolder,” Salé, 32, explains about why he chose the French press. The upside is keeping undertones like chocolate that may be lost in drip brewing and the oils sacrificed in darker roasts.

It took more than 10 months (four of them devoted just to perfecting the roast) to get the shop up and running after Salé ’s last job in the tech world ended. 

He picked the Financial District because of his ties to Pace University, knowing the area from working there and the rapid change happening in the area as more companies move downtown. “ I moved to Astoria before it was cool, so I’ve seen places change and like that vibe,” he says.

The idea for unlimited coffee came from that same desire to become part of the neighborhood’s routine.

For $39 a month, customers can get any size regular coffee at Daily Grind as many times a day as their caffeine habit demands (drinks are regularly $2.50 for 8 oz. and $3 for 12 oz.) plus 20 percent off all food items. 


For espresso drinks like lattes that require more milk, it’s an additional $1 per drink or $2 for flavored beverages.

If you like that sort of thing, Salé recommends getting them with the macadamia nut milk that his director of operations Juan Fernandez, a former competitive barista who came over from Blue Bottle, found. “The macadamia nut milk is my guilty pleasure,” he confesses.

By: Eva Kis, Metro New York

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