Test Your Knowledge! How Much Do You Know About the Czech Republic? 🇨🇿✈️🌎

Consider yourself one of those worldly types? Well, let's see! 

The Czech Republic wants to test your knowledge of all things Czech! But don't worry, for your efforts, they’re throwing in a chance for you and a friend to fly over and visit their lovely city, and Central Bohemia too. Five (5) nights and free airfare? What do you have to lose besides a little time learning a quick fact or two?

One of the top five European cities to explore, this cultural destination has been on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list since 1992. Since then, eleven additional sites in the Czech Republic have been acknowledged as important cultural sites and have been incorporated on the list. 

In fact, the country is riddled with ancient ruins, historical structures, and even some wildlife. Some of its architecture dates back to the 9th century! But don’t let us spoil it, take this quiz to test your Czech knowledge for a chance to win a getaway to see it live!

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