You know how sometimes you love a TV show character so much that you'd just wish they ran the world? 

Well, for Sex and the City fans, your strong and independent girl-hero of the group who didn't take sh*t from ANYONE, could quite possibly be the Governor of NYC. 

Cynthia Nixon (aka Miranda Hobbes) is an outspoken political activist, and potential candidate for New York's Governor. 

While this might seem shocking at first, it makes complete and total sense when considering how present and vocal Nixon is about that which is important to discuss on the daily. 

Specifically, she has poignantly defended public education, and has even openly criticized Cuomo for a misdirection of education resources.  


In addition to speaking on the importance of proper education coverage for all students, Nixon is a focused advocate for LGBTQ rights. 

She has given compelling speeches and is truly more fierce and dedicated to working hard than her character Miranda Hobbes. 

So now that you're caught up a bit with what Cynthia Nixon has been doing for NYC, maybe you're intrigued to see what might happen if she does accept a candidacy for governor. 

We kind of wish celebrities would like, chill with becoming politicians for obvious reasons, but it's hard not to root for Miranda. Come on. It's Miranda.


After all, she's an iconic bad b*tch. And we love that. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Page Six] [via Time Out New York]