As if living in NYC isn't expensive already!

In Clinton Hill, an apartment the size of your fist is worth $469K. Crazy right? Do we still totally wish we could have it? Uh, duh.

Can you do yoga in this apartment? No. But in broker lingo, it's got an unbeatable “vintage aesthetic that was designed for Instagram.”

According to Curbed NY, you can't do that much with this small space, but once you get the correct decor, you'll be fine.

Besides the size, the studio pretty much checks off most of the things on even the pickiest of House Hunters couples.

Natural light? Check. The small space offers two large windows near the bedroom area, not floor to ceiling windows, but they're big enough. 

Kitchen island? Yup– even if the kitchen doesn't have a ton of room for much else. Tiled bathroom? Obviously. The bathroom features sleek subway tiles with a simple yet refreshing feel. 

This small studio also offers every HGTV junkie's coveted element– exposed brick.


It's actually on the market, but at $469, we'll stick the looking at the pretty, pretty pictures... and maybe take the inspo to IKEA after work today: 

[Feature Image Courtesy Pinterest] [via Curbed NY]