Lookin' to Buy or Just Curry-ous? 8 Best Spots to Get the Most Delicious Curry in NYC

Now, we know we've already laid out the most scrumptious Indian restaurants in New York City. We're not here to do that. Instead, we're looking at one specific cuisine: curry. 

Curry isn't exclusively Indian, of course. There's Japanese curry, which is different, but so tasty in its own way.  

Curry is delicious in all its ethnic styles of preparation. It's flavorful, comforting, and delicious. We find ourselves craving it on the regular.

What do we do when we're craving something? Obviously, we'd want to hit the hottest curry spots in the city to satisfy these yearnings.

Luckily, there are ton of great spots to chow down on curry. We've listed them below. Now it's up to you to check them out.

1. Dhaba (108 Lexington Avenue)


Delicious, well-priced Indian food and a lovely ambiance to match? Sign us up.

Now, there's plenty to sink your teeth into that will delight you at Dhaba. There's a well-seasoned tikka masala, there's a mind-blowing dahiwala murgh, and of course, there's that curry we crave.


Want to know what we'd order? Well, we can't get enough of the curry goat. It's got tender, delicious lamb meat, and really tasty curry. We also swoon over the shrimp curry. It's got a chili onion naan and lemon rice. The fish curry is also spectacular.

In Murray Hill and craving curry? Dhaba is your move.

2. Go Go Curry (273 West 38th Street)

We love Go Go Curry. We probably love Go Go Curry a little bit too much. It's Japanese-style curry, served in a splendid hole-in-the-wall little restaurant.

When we find ourselves inside Go Go Curry, we feel right at home. The vibes are top-notch, everyone who works there is excited to see you, and the steaming hot, delicious curry is coming at you in full force.

The rice, curry, and panko-crusted chicken is both delicious and comforting, ethnic and familiar, and almost too addicting. Trust us on this one.

We're also very into the rice that comes with the chicken katsu, pork katsu, shrimp tempura, or sausage. It's sticky and it's cooked perfectly. Do yourself a favor and try out Go Go Curry soon.

3. Kokum (106 Lexington Avenue)


Okay, we lied. There are other incredible spots to snag your curry fix in Murray Hill. One of the top spots to get this done? Kokum.

It's an outstanding, unassuming little Indian restaurant, that churns out a heavenly rendition of naan, chana masala, and perfectly steamed rice.


Of course, for us, the main event is the curry. We're talking spinach and chicken curry that'll make your head spin, and a coconut chicken curry that's so delightfully spicy, it'll make your eyes water.

Also, they've got some of the best goat curry we've ever tried. Check it out for yourself. Some flavors just transcend description.

4. Curry-Ya (214 East 10th Street)

It seems like Curry-Ya's name says this to potential customers: Ya, curry is delicious!

It's a Japanese-style curry joint, and they've got plenty of lovely dishes that aren't curry. We love the yuba salad with its green beans, tofu skin, and parmesan cheese.

You know where are hearts are, don't you? Yeah, they're with the curry. We can get wild about the berkshire pork cutlet curry at Curry-Ya, which is amazing, and absolutely the best dish on the menu. 

They've also got a dry curry we love, which is actually more reminiscent of Indian cuisine than Japanese, and it comes topped with ground beef and a hard boiled egg. It's too yummy for us to handle. We mean it.


5. Katsu-Hama (11 East 47th Street)

Okay, we have to talk about the Japanese sticky rice at Katsu-Hama. If you haven't discovered the beauty of this particular dish, you're missing out. Get on it.

We're also very serious about our love for Katsu-Hama's cream croquettes, and the mixed katsu and the curry katsu. 


Plus, of course, the cabbage salad is delicious, and topped with an entirely unique, sweet, sesame seed dressing.

Our favorite dish? Well, we love the pork fillet katsu donburi, but nothing can hold a candle to the chicken katsu curry. If we could eat it every day, we probably would.

6. Cocoron (61 Delancey Street)

Want some amazing Japanese-style curry? If that's your situation, coming to Cororon could satiate your longing.

If your longing is for authentically-Japanese soba, Cororon has it, and they have a delicious version. 

The hot curry soba with chicken? Well, come on, it's the best. It's spicy, warm, and delicious, and we're also entirely partial to the Japanese curry soba with poached egg.

Also, if you try their mochi ice cream, get prepared to be instantly hooked, and hitting up Cocoron again and again. Don't say we didn't warn you.

7. Malai Marke (318 East 6th Street)

Malai Marke serves some of the best Indian delicacies anywhere that isn't India. Really, we mean it.

We're obsessed with all their fish-based curries, their chicken tikki masala, and the naan. Plus, that coconut rice at Malai Marke can get us all worked up, too.

They've also got a really smooth spinach curry, which feels much more authentically Indian than a lot of the finely chopped versions of spinach curry you'd find elsewhere in the United States.


It's just about as authentically Indian as it gets, so if you're Indian and craving a taste of home, you should probably make it to Malai Marke soon.

If you're aren't Indian but you want your curry to take you on a taste-bud vacation, get here and try the coconut chicken curry. It's creamy, fragrant, and has just the right touch of coconut. We love it.

8. OM Real Indian Food (1593 2nd Avenue)


Wondering what ethnic-style this restaurant uses to prepare its food?

We're kidding. You clearly already knew. Either way, the Indian cuisine at OM Real Indian Food is far and away the best spot to indulge in Indian food on the Upper East Side.

It's small, cozy, and BYOB. So if you want to get drunk, you need to bring your own wine. 

The rice is delicately flavored, and the vegetable curry is large and delicious. If you're looking for an intimate date spot where you can chow down on curry, look no further.

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