We love New York City, and we love Gifs. It's like they were made for each other. So when we heard about an animator who spent 30 days in NYC and made 30 gifs to show for it, we were much more than delighted.

The Gifs are so excellent, we can't even handle it. Like, they include the animator's avatar being chased by giant rats in the subway, and giant squirrels in Central Park. Which, we can't lie, are pretty accurate depictions of both places.

Okay, so maybe these Gifs are slight exaggerations, but we can't pretend we don't often feel like there are giant meatballs falling from the sky, heading toward our cabs in NYC.

The animator responsible for the masterpiece below is named James Curran, and he visited NYC for a month last year. 

It seems like he accomplished not only visiting all the necessary NYC landmarks (Knicks games, Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Met and the MoMA), but he also created perfect Gifs to commemorate them. 

The title of the compilation is, "NYC Gifathon." Our favorite part is probably when the animator used a microscope to see the remnants of his pizza in Little Italy. We related to that more than we'd like to admit.


According to AdWeek, Curran unveiled each Gif day-by-day during his trip to NYC. So we feel pretty lucky we get to watch the entire thing in a rhythmic sequence.

If you're looking for some delight in your day, watch the video below. Trust us, you'll be belly-aching laughing by Gif two.

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[via AdWeek] [Feature Image Courtesy AdWeek]