Cure Your Monday Blues With Yoga Classes... And Champagne!

Got the Monday blues? I get it, Monday's can be rough.

But what if there was a way to make Monday feel less like, well... Monday.

I found your cure for a case of the Mondays.

The VNYL in the East Village just launched a weekly event, every Monday (for the foreseeable future), that combines yoga and champagne to help your week start off on a better note.

The VNYL's 'The Monday Toast' is part yoga class, part champagne toast. Every Monday in The VNYL's Champagne Room, yoga instructor Elle Felkner will be teaching a course for yoga enthusiasts and beginners alike, to help keep you balanced all week long.


For $12, attendees will participate in an awesome yoga class while a soothing curated playlist flows from the speakers and champagne flutes circulate the room. Mat rentals and towels are available for $2.

Yogi Elle Felkner was trained in Rishikesh, India– and will offering a variety of classes. 


The courses over the next few weeks will be focused on core strength and the week of September 18th will be a course on welcoming the Fall Equinox. Elle also stays for a bit after classes to chit chat with the attendees and give out yoga tips.


So come toast to Monday by stretching out those limbs and sipping on some bubbly at the coolest multi-level bar in the East Village.

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