Governor Cuomo is on a roll recently. He's announced plans to help pay off student loans, to renovate and rename Penn Station, and to bring the subway system into the 21st century. 

It seems as if the latter of those plans is moving full speed ahead. 

Governor Cuomo promised that each underground station will have Wi-Fi by the end of this year. 

While we're happy that we can now become walking technologically addicted zombies underground as well as street-side, we're still not so sure that these kind of improvements are what the city's subway system actually needs (see: more ridable trains).

But Cuomo wasn't finished adding to the list of creature comforts New Yorkers will have access to on the subway.

By the beginning of 2017, we should have complete cellular service in the subways, and a smart phone or bank card based payment system to replace MetroCards. 


In addition to that, he's also looking to provide riders with real-time data, more countdown clocks, buses with Wi-Fi hotspots, and, maybe the most useful of all of this aside from the Wi-Fi itself, USB charging ports on the actual Subway cars. 

Lets just say that we're still holding out the hope that Cuomo will recognize the glaring issue of increased ridership that our subway systems cannot cope with at its current capacity. 

We can ride without technology, but we can't ride without an adequate system. 

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[via Engadget] [Feature Image Courtesy The Junior College Newspaper]