Have you ever thought to yourself that you could totally do a better job with the subway system than the MTA does?

Governor Cuomo is calling on New Yorkers and people all over the world to do just that. 

If you have an idea to fix the delays, wifi system, or cell service, you could just win a nice fat check for $1 million from the state. 

The MTA Genius Transit Challenge is an international challenge that is hoping to increase the capacity and improve the reliability of NYC's subway service. 

If you can come up with a solution to the city's underperforming underground transit network, you will most likely be contracted for those systems. 

The award will go to one winner in each of the three categories. 

The competition will be judged by a panel of technology and transportation experts appointed by the MTA. 


The state has put aside a budget of 8 million dollars to pay for the project, but Cuomo is willing to shell out more if needed. 

While he sent a letter to the president over the weekend asking that responsibility for Penn Station be shifted over to Port Authority, Cuomo seems to have manned up now and taken the blame for the MTA's service issues. 


Don't mind us. We'll just be over here in the corner brainstorming... 

[Feature Image Courtesy WNYC] [via Gothamist]