Blue Laws are never gonna make you blue again.

Who doesn't love a good mimosa on a Sunday morning? Well, depending on the place you brunch at, you probably never drank that early. And if you have, you've been breaking a law. 

New York City's Blue Laws were established in 1934. You remember the 1930's, right? That's what we and Governor Cuomo thought as well. These laws prohibited the sell of alcohol on Sunday's between 4 a.m. and noon. 

Now, it looks like you keep boozing with that brunch.

We've talked about these laws before and how ridiculous they are, so it's very satisfying that something is being done about them.  

Starting as early as this weekend, restaurants can sell you your favorites drink at 10 a.m. because, let's be real, mid-morning drinking is the absolute best.

This may sound like an excuse to just get wastey-pants in your Sunday best, but the reality is people who brunch want to booze as well. 

Restaurants and their patrons will benefit immensely because of the changes to these incredibly outdated laws. 

Imagine all of the people who are now going to restaurants earlier to catch some overseas soccer or even the decidedly worthless NFL games that go down in London. 


10 a.m. still too late for you to turn up? Well, outside the city you might be able to start drinking at 8 a.m. and the only reason why it's not happening (yet) in the city is that there have been complaints about noise in neighborhoods that are hot spots for brunch goers.


That's probably for the best as well. Sunday is a day of rest, to reflect on the week and see what is coming up as well. Sure, go ahead and turn-up, but remember that we all need a small piece of quiet just as much as we need another Eggs Benedict.

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[via New York Post] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]