Watch out mango, looks like you've got some competition.

Summer may be on its way out the door, which means we only have a few more blissful weeks of enjoying our favorite summer foods.

The cucamelon, which you possibly have never heard of, is arguably the cutest summer produce around.

Don't be misled by the name, cucamelons are actually super tiny cucumbers that very closely resemble tiny watermelons.

Fair warning, don't bite into a cucamelon and expect to taste the sweet juiciness of a watermelon.

Cucamelons taste more like a more bitter than usual cucumber, but they're still adorable and delicious.

They're also often pickled, so be on the lookout for a regular vs a pickled cucamelon. 

Cucamelons are mainly found in farmers markets throughout Mexico and Central America, but fear not, there's a way you can enjoy these tiny veggies too. 


You can grow them yourself, but be aware that they need a whole lotta water to grow properly.

You can slice these badboys into your next salad, include them in a wrap or smoothie blend, or even eat them right off the vine.




[via Food and Wine] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]