Want to Cross the Very Best of NYC Off Your Bucket List? Meet DIDiT

We've all been there: You and your friends are stuck in a group text, trying to make plans, scrambling for ideas on where to go.

Whether you’re looking for brunch, a rooftop bar, or a fun group activity, mindless internet searching and annoying back and forth is pretty much inevitable (cue Jenny with “But I JUST went there last week!").

This struggle is TOO real, but it makes little sense. As New Yorkers, we’re bombarded with suggestions on where we should go. You hear them from friends, pass spots on the street, scroll through social media, and of course, browse all those great Top 10 lists (cough, spoiled NYC, cough).

With DIDiT, you’ll never have to scramble for plans again. The app let’s you save your favorite recommendations from around the web with one tap into your own personalized, on-the-go bucket lists.

Thankfully, an app has come along that brings together and organizes all those lists and suggestions into one place. It’s called DIDiT NY, and it’s essentially saving our lives (and friendships).

With DIDiT NY, you’ll never have to scramble for plans again. The app let’s you save your favorite recommendations from around the web with ONE TAP into your own personalized, on-the-go bucket lists. 

You can build your lists with friends (PEACE OUT annoying group text), and see them mapped out wherever you are (BUH-BYE notes app). No matter the situation, you’ll always have great options waiting at your fingertips.


Rooftop bars? Done. Newest fitness classes? Got ‘em all. Unique date ideas. Day trips. Best cheap eats in every hood. Pew pew pew! Laser sounds! All of it!

But that’s not even the half of it. DIDiT NY allows you to follow your friends and their lists so you can easily see all the places they love or want to try. When in need, you can instantly take their ideas and use them for your own plans


Imagine never having to ask or give out recommendations again. YES PLEASE!

Think of DIDiT NY as the love child of Pinterest and Spotify. You can easily find and save the stuff on the Internet that intrigues you, follow your friends and their playlists, and have everything nicely organized to make your life a little easier.

Yes, we live in New York City. Yes, there’s so much to do. Yes, there’s almost too much to do and you’ll never do it all, especially if you don’t even know how to go about planning it.

You can walk past a million places you might want to eat, drink, chill, fight, sneak a puppy into, whatever Drunk Amanda might think is a really good idea at 2 a.m on a Tuesday. Trying to remember them all is 80% of the reason why you’ve been calling it an early night on the weekends.


DIDiT takes that “places to try” list you have (somewhere) and turns it into a feasible reality. We know that list exists on your phone. We know you want something better. You deserve it. We’re not with the NSA, we just get you.

So stop wasting precious time and energy figuring out what to do in this city, get off the Internet, and actually start checking items off your NYC bucket lists.

Download DIDiT NY now and get LIVING.

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