If you thought that taking the Cross Bronx Expressway always seemed like it was more stress-inducing than other roadways, you’re not alone.

You’re also not wrong.

The highway has been rated the most congested urban roadway in the country, according to a study.

According to The Daily News, motorists lost an average of 86 hours a year in 2016 during the evening rush hour, sputtering at 14 miles an hour on the 7-mile corridor of Interstate 95 that extends from Exit 6A to the George Washington Bridge.

...And accumulating plenty of road rage.

The morning commute is just as undesirable, having poor drivers reach the average speed of less than 20 mph thanks to congestion and traffic.

The study was conducted and published by Inrix, a Kirkland, Wash., traffic analysis company. 

Along with the Cross Bronx, two other New York City roadways also made the top 10 in the country: the section of Fifth Avenue going south from 120th Street to 40th Street, and the Lincoln Tunnel approach from New Jersey to 12th Ave.


New York City drivers spent an average of 89 hours stuck in traffic in 2016— second only to Los Angeles among U.S. cities, according to the study.

Kinda makes the trains and subways seem a tad more ideal, even though they have their shortcomings as well.

The study, unsurprisingly, found NYC as the third-most-congested city in the world, behind Tinseltown and Moscow. The United States is also tied with Russia for the most congested developed country in the world.


So if you’re stuck on the highway, bear in mind that it’s not all in your head.

Keep calm and drive safe (or try, at least)!

[Feature Image Courtesy NYTimes.com] [via NYDailyNews.com]