French Pancakes Give Us The Crepes: 8 Best Creperies in NYC

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The French have given New York City some pretty fantastic things. For instance, they gave us the Statue of Liberty as a show of friendship and alliance following the American Revolutionary War. 

They gave us champagne, which is just as spectacular as our Lady Liberty. 

The French also gave the world the flat pancakes that can be smothered in anything from ham and cheese, to Nutella and strawberries, to chicken florentine. 

They're the thin base that can fit a versatile palate of toppings and flavors. 

We don't care if you roll them, sandwich toppings between two, or fold them; we're still obsessed with these little French pancakes. 

Here are some of our favorite creperies (in no particular order) in NYC.

1. Creperie NYC (112 Macdougal Street)

nyc_sweetmates Reese's Explosion crรชpe from @thecreperienyc ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ #๐Ÿซ#๐Ÿช#๐ŸŒ#๐ŸŒฐ#๐Ÿฆ#๐Ÿณ #reesespeanutbuttercups #crepes #thecreperie #icecream#reeses #chocolate #nutella #nyc #TheHappyCrepe #nycsweetmates

We're not afraid to say that this creperie is pretty much an NYC icon, even though it opened in 2001. Their crepes are loved by celebrities, tourists, and natives, simply because they are perfect. Owner Hava Spievak even beat Bobby Flay on Food Network's Throwdown with Bobby Flay

With 57 different menu items, you're sure to find something you love. We're obsessed with the #56, "Reese's Explosion Crepe," with milk chocolate, peanut butter, bananas, crushed Reese's, and ice cream. 

2. T-swirl Crepe (various locations)

tsochitsering My cause of death is definitely gonna be a heart attack #noregrets2016 #worthit2016

Who says crepes have to be French? How about a completely gluten-free crepe option from the shores of Japan? Made with 100% rice flour, this creperie is serving delicious artistic crepes with an Asian influence. 

For a savory crepe on the go, try their smoked salmon crepe made with cream cheese, spinach, capers, red onions, and green beans. 

For a sweet treat, try the the blueberry NY cheesecake crepe with blueberries, blueberry reduction, whipped cream cheese, custard cream, whipped yogurt, vanilla ice cream, almonds, and chocolate Pocky sticks. 

3. Cafe Triskell (33-04 36th Avenue - Queens)

mikey_fitness Last one of food. Sorry! ๐Ÿ™ˆ Back on track starting Monday! Got to enjoy it to satisfy your cravings. Just being realistic. _ #foodporn #sundaybrunch #cheatmeal

If you ever have a desire for incredible French cuisine, you need to head to Astoria... we're serious. Cafe Triskell has some of the most delicious French food in NYC. We recommend heading there for brunch and ordering the French Toast (in option II). 

Afterwards, order the "Lemon & Sugar Crepe with Berry Compote" or the "Pine Nut, Sliced Almond, Pecan and Honey Crepe" for dessert. Both have just the right amount of crisp to fluff ratio, with the perfect amount of sweetness to finish your meal. 

4. Bonjour Crepes & Wine (various locations)

aegold01 Buckwheat crepe so delicious #glutenfree #crepes #bonjourcrepesandwine

What could be more French than crepes and wine? Uh, nothing. There's also nothing we want more right now than a glass of red and a dark chocolate, strawberry, and bacon crepe from Bonjour Crepes and Wine

Lookin' for a savory bite? Try their red wine braised beef, arugula, apple and brie crepe. How about breakfast? Try their egg, goat cheese, and spinach omelette crepe. If you're not feelin' the crepes, try their waffles or french toast. Just remember the wine.