Calling All Creative, Dope, and Bold Thinkers and Doers 📝📹

Calling all creative, dope, and bold thinkers and doers.

spoiled NYC—the food and culture guide to New York—is seeking a wildly competent, not-needlessly-thirsty social media intern.

What do we do? Founded in 2015, we work with amazing companies through co-branded partnerships. We put on events (pre-Covid). We do giveaways. We guide people where to go, what to eat, what to watch, read, listen to, all of it.

We’re cultivating, growing, and expanding the team, and are looking to make a bold impact. We’re looking for competence. Creative energy. People who have a strong vision and a drive to tell stories.

We will teach you to utilize all the tools out there to thrive in the new media landscape and have the knowledge necessary to succeed.

The internship program aka Creator Academy is structured as a media incubator focused on helping storytellers and creators grow in 2021, keeping in mind all the ways that content resonates with an audience. Not only will the focus be the process and development of the creation process, but also encompass an overview of various tools that exist to create and distribute content and overall show you the ropes of launching and building an audience and a company.

There will be week- and month-long projects where you bring a creative vision to life. You will be working with other creators and influencers.

We're looking for people who give a damn. Creative energy and vision are a must. No negative shxt.

The internship runs for 16 weeks (although we are flexible), will be done remotely, and consists of two co-working days with the team. This is an unpaid internship.

What you'll need

  • Proven organizational and planning experience
  • Rounded skillset between writing, design, photography, and video editing
  • Understanding of social platforms and messaging apps (Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok), and why content on those platforms became popular
  • A genuine love for culture and people

What you'll do

  • Editorial duties such as content drafting, pitching, outline, and time management
  • Understanding the intention of planning, writing with a purpose, conveying meaning
  • Assist editors with scheduling posts and finding/creating content across platforms
  • Read and watch spoiled NYC content and find creative ways to adapt stories and videos to new platforms
  • You'll visit new restaurants, experience new pop-ups, and cover cultural events
  • Monitor the Internet trending news opportunities, search for things people are sharing, liking, recommending, and talking about on the internet
  • Monitor discussions, posts, comments, invitations, and engagement across our social media channels to collect data about influencers and venues
  • Understand your career opportunities and progression, and have a chance to network with entrepreneurs, founders, artists, and other creators.

If you think you’re fit to learn and get involved as a spoiled Creator, apply here.

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