Creamy and Kind: Vegan Skincare🐭🙌💄

In recent years, more people have joined the initiative to purchase from cruelty-free companies! One of the thorns in the initiative’s side is beauty companies that frequently utilize animal products in their skincare lines.

What’s worse? Just because the products aren’t animal-based, you can’t be sure that the companies aren’t still testing on animals. With all of the science-based cosmetics available today, you can totally get amazing products from cruelty-free providers without concern.

If you are actively searching for cruelty-free beauty products that won’t sacrifice quality then you should check out the list below. Many of these companies provide a large array of skincare products for a mix of skin related needs.

There are serums, exfoliators, masks, cleansers and moisturizers in tons of scents for all skin types, some organic and gluten-free. Get your skin a taste of luxury without the cruelty from one of these brands.

Herbivore Botanicals


This awesome brand makes serums and creams from all-natural ingredients. They step it up by holding their plant-based ingredients to a purity level that ensures they’re food-grade. However, just because you can put something on your skin that would be safe to eat doesn’t mean you should eat it!

The therapeutic-grade essential oils are used to restore skin health safely. Everything they sell is certified GMO-free. The packaging is even recycled. Talk about a feel-good purchase.

S.W. Basics


Buying skincare can be a bit overwhelming. One must select cleansers, toners, day creams, and night creams. When do you have enough product for a regimen? S.W. Basics creates useful products that can stand as a basis for your regular skin care.

If that interests you, take a look at their beginner skincare set. One thing you’ll notice is the very short list of ingredients on their products. Can you say minimalist skincare?

Lush Cosmetics

Do you need a beard cleanser? Body cleanser? Face cleanser? The bottom line is we all need that one product that keeps our skin clean and supple. Lush cosmetics offers an extensive list of products that focus in on exactly what you need.

There are at least 14 products listed in the cleansers sub-category. That means there are a ton of shower-gels, scrubs, masks, and soaps for face and body to check out. One of the coolest products are their jelly-based cleansers, equal parts effective and fun. Lush is famous for vegan products, as well as their fair-trade initiatives that bring awareness to many cultural and environmental issues.

Grown Alchemist


Can you turn back the hands of time and heal the damaging effects of pollution and stress on your skin? A little birdy said they can! Grown Alchemists pumps their products with healthy doses of antioxidants and gentle acids that deeply penetrate the layers of the skin to stimulate cell health. They work with compounds on a basic level, without additives to provide potent products that seriously benefit the skin.

An example of their magical products is those that claim to even out blemished skin. Picking up just one of their serums, skin detoxifiers or deep cleansers could absolutely change the quality of your skin and its reception of other products in your regimen.



One of the most beloved brands out now is Glossier. Along with classics like their milk jelly cleanser, there are safe cosmetic products like their cloud blushes. Their skincare is a holy grail among models and others held to excruciating standards, making it a go-to for those looking for fresh glowing skin.

Due to their prioritization of skin-first, makeup-second, you can be assured that anything purchased from them is safe and gentle. With the sun blazing recently, one product to check out is the Invisible shield sun stick, providing sun protection without the greasy consistency.



100% Vegan and Cruelty-free, Pacifica takes the guilt out of pampering your skin! They also allow you to return used packaging straight to them for recycling. Browse their skin care section according to item or skin type for convenience.

Their skin mists and lip care products are gentle and hydrating, to keep your skin and pucker plump! The coconut essence hydro mist is one of their many delightfully scented products perfect for summer days.

Acure Organics

If a company can prioritize the planet, the consumer and wildlife as much as their earnings, I’m interested! Acure allows you to begin your skin journey by choosing between the results you want: rejuvenating, soothing, brightening or cleaning.

There is also an essentials section for the simplicity lovers. Their products are botanical-based, paraben-free, silicone-free and cruelty-free.

Queen Helene


Queen Helene is known for the Mint Julep mask, but there are so many more products to try out. Their new Volcanic mask uses real bentonite to detoxify skin from everyday pollutants. The environmentally conscious company prides themselves on utilizing many effective, environmentally-safe, natural ingredients to treat skin. They never test on animals and are certified by the Coalition of Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC).

First Aid Beauty


Some skin situations can feel like emergencies, and now you have a place with remedies for everything you want to treat promptly. The cruelty-free brand has an extensive amount of products for all types of pesky skin issues, my favorite being their intense hydration, ultimate repair cream.

Their products are strong enough to tackle skin dullness, dryness, and irritation. There are even select eye products that target tired and dark eyes from long days and nights!

With so many different brands to choose from here and so many more yet to be discovered, there is no one way to do cruelty-free skincare. Every company above is supporting the beauty initiative to have healthy skin without cruelty!

Browse each website thoroughly and find what works for you. A few of the sites offer visitors a convenient category for each skin type, and others offer quizzes that will tell you what products work best for you.

Don’t let your love for the environment, animals or yourself stop you from glowing, shining and living your day to day with a fresh face! This collection of awesome skincare companies are full of scrubs, balms, creams, and cleansers. The glamorous world of cruelty-free cosmetics proves that you can pamper yourself with creamy plant-based products and reap serious benefits!

While you figure out what products you need to try, plan a relaxing trip to one of these vegan ice cream shops and escape the summer heat!

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