Bagels rock, but there are only so many varieties. 

But what you put between your sliced bagel halves can be nearly anything! 

At Becky's Bites, opening this summer on 122 East 7th Street, cream cheese rules all. 

That's right, fam. Owner Becky Rosenthal is redefining cream cheese. REVOLUTIONARY. 

No longer is the whipped dairy spread ignored by too many. This summer, cream cheese desserts and treats will PREVAIL! 

Rosenthal started with the idea of a catering business, but this new spread spot will be the coolest new cafe to hit the East Village.

From bonbon-esque cream cheese balls to mini cream cheese tarts, Becky's Bites will change your perception of cream cheese forever. 


Oh, and they will have mini bagels with super dope renditions of classics like a "bacon, egg, and cream cheese" spread. LIVING. 

So gather all your bagel-eating friends who appreciate cream cheese as much as you do. 


Can't wait to see you there for some of the best treats this summer has to offer! 

[Feature Image Courtesy Gothamist] 

[via Gothamist] 

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