#CountUpChallenge: Show Us What You’re Doin’ with Your Tax Return!

Spring has allegedly sprung, but it seems like the only green we'll see here in New York City anytime soon is from our tax returns. 

Did you just go "Oh sh*t, I gotta file my taxes?!" Yeah, you do. But it's okay, you still have until April 18th, so you're welcome.

While you're hunting down your W-2, we're gonna hit you with the leak of the week–sh*t, the whole damn year!

Wait. What are we talking about? 

We're talking about this fire video that's got us dreaming of the endless possibilities; the very fruits of our hard-earned, hard-taxed dollars that are finally making their way back home (here's to hoping!). 

We're talkin' about counting up. Nashvillainy. Trap vibes and story time. 

We're talkin' Dee Goodz and Rodney Hazard

Oh, you're not well acquainted with Dee Goodz? YOU GON' LEARN TODAY! 

Dee Goodz is a Nashville-based rapper blending club-friendly trap rap with introspective tales and we got our hands on the latest chapter, "Count Up," with this exclusive music video premiere produced and directed by our own dope Creative Director, Rodney Hazard.

"Count Up" is the story of a black executive whose success draws not praise and celebration, but jealousy. Petty AF. Our hero plays a begrudging middleman between the streets and a mob leader looking to capitalize on his connections. 

Everybody wants to count up, but the road to money is paved with blood and betrayal. 

Just like your taxes. 

Shout out to all of the great, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens of the U.S. that are working hard to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain. And then pour one out for PBS, NPR, Meals on Wheels, and everything else that's getting the axe because of the orange goon who may or may not (definitely leaning towards not) pay taxes.  

If you're feelin' these vibes, catch Dee Goodz' & Rodney Hazard's full album, NashVillain right here—right meow

The track was produced by Rodney and features Key! who you probably know from collaborations with A$AP Rocky (well hello there, "Crazy Brazy"), Lil Yachty, and a craptastic ton of others. 

Because the next step is fun. We're extending a challenge to all y'all responsible folks who are already just waiting for those checks (Editor's note: Oh, definitely not me. Shout out to my BFFL the IRS!).

This could be the next Mannequin Challenge guys. The next Harlem Shake. REMEMBER PLANKING??Or the Too Hot meme! Remember?! The circa 1959 trend where kids would try and see how many of them could fit in a phone booth? Fun times.

All you gotta do is take a video of what you've copped with your tax return—or what you would if you're either still expecting one or wish you had one to begin with—use "Count Up" as the soundtrack, and hist up on Instagram (@spoiledNYC) with the hashtags #CountUpChallenge and #spoilYourself. 

Oh, and don't forget your soundtrack of course.

Whether you #spoiledYourself with good times, blew off the whole check on happy hour, shoes, Sephora products, or did something charitable with your funds (there's gonna be at least ONE of you annoying mofos, isn't there?), we wanna see it!

Send it over, share it, tell your friends! And remember, always #CountUp.  

Peep 'NashVillain' on iTunes Right Here—Right Now.

[Feature Image Courtesy Ralph Moreau | ReidoDesign] 

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