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Living in New York City is an experience that many envy. People flock from all around the world for a chance to take in the city and have their very own NYC story. 

Many New Yorkers will tell you that story comes with a hefty price. It's no surprise that this city is expensive, look at how much we are spending on rent alone. But, how do we rank with other cities in this country? How about the world?

Mercer's yearly Cost of Living Study was just released, and New York City ranks highest in the country and 11th in the world.

This is the 22nd year the consulting firm has done the study, and the results aren't that surprising for anyone who actually lives in NYC.

What is really fascinating is how Mercer tests each city. Mercer uses our city as a base to then rank every other city in the world. You know, much like how anyone who lives here does when they travel.

New York City is up five spots from last year, and the second-most expensive in America, San Francisco, is up 11 spots, making it the 26th most expensive city to live in the world. 

It look's like The Bay Area is only going to get more expensive in the next few years. If you'd like to live comfortably in New York City, you're gonna need an absurd $158,000 a year. In San Fran, you're gonna need $216,129.


Boston came in 47th, Portland came in 117th, and Winston Salem came in 147th making them the least expensive cities in the United States. But each city is steadily climbing because the value of the dollar is taking out other currencies like a prizefighter.

The most expensive city that Mercer ranked is Hong Kong. Luanda came in second and Zurich was ranked third.

So, this is one list that we should be glad we didn't crack the top ten. This city isn't getting cheaper anytime soon, and these studies shouldn't deter anyone from trying to create their own New York City story. 


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