Well this is depressing, though entirely unsurprising. 

We all know that the cost to ride New York City's public transportation is relatively high, but how much higher is it than comparable metropolitan areas? Turns out, a lot. 

If you haven't ridden the subway recently, the trips now cost $2.75 a ride, or $116.50 for an unlimited use monthly pass. 

Unfortunately, that's 75% higher than the national average for public transportation. 

According to a report by blog StreetEasy, the NYC public transportation system cost far surpasses comparable cities like Chicago or LA, where unlimited tickets are only $100 a month. 

Though that doesn't seem like a lot, that's a whole $198 a year less than NYC. 

Thinking that Uber or a cab would cut down on costs? 

First off, we'd love to know which cabs you've been riding in for less than $2.75. Secondly, we'd have to tell you you're wrong. 


Cabs and Uber rates in NYC are the highest rates in the country, and the eighth most expensive rates in the world. 

Want to cut costs by driving yourself? Nah. StreetEasy reports that the average cost of auto insurance in NYC is $4,093 a year, which is 170% higher and 2.7x the New York State average. 

After paying for insurance, you'll have to find a spot to park your money pit, which could run into the areas of $430 a month if you're attempting to park it in a lot. That's almost double the cost of parking in LA. 


When you add in the astronomical rent prices we pay to live here, it's astounding that any of us peasants can still afford to be here. 

Well, unless you work for the MTA, because it seems as they're making bank in overtime

But hey, at least we'll soon have wi-fi and charging stations, because that's more important to government officials than effective, reliable, cheap service. Yay us!

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[via StreetEasy] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]