Time to smell the corpse flowers, New York City.

Summer is here which means crazy temperatures, absurd dance parties, and now Pokemon huntin'. And, of course, appreciating nature and cursing out the sun all in the same breath. Why not take a chance to really show some love to the flowers this summer?

You may not think of summer as the season for flowers blooming, spring takes the prize with the cherry blossoms, but one flower is set to bloom and bring death to all.

Amorphophallus titanum, also known 'the corpse flower,' is set to bloom soon after ten long years of care and preparation at the New York Botanical Garden.

Last Friday the plant budded, and the whole place erupted in excitement with the hopes of smelling a flower that doesn't smell like a flower at all. 

The last time the NYBG had one of these was in 1939. That's quite a long time without smelling death. Should be a little grateful here, NYBG.

The flower is a giant eight-foot behemoth that took ten years to reach this point. There were daily feedings, and more care given to it then your dinky little orchid. The flower will bloom into a beautiful, distinct red interior.

The real kicker is the smell. For up to 36 hours during the bloom, you'll be able to smell the delightful scent of rotting corpses.

Again, it should be noted that it took 10 years for this event to come to fruition.

NYBG has setup an incredibly exciting live-stream of the whole event, where, if you're lucky, you'll catch sight the plant blooming. Hope you like watching paint dry, because this nature's equivalent.

So, get ready for what could be one of the oddest events in nature and ready your noses too because this is gonna stay with you for a while.

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[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]