The 'Coolest Tiny Apartment' in NYC Is Up for Rent | spoiled NYC

Great things come in very small apartments.

When you live in New York City you find out that everyone is trying to out-do each other when it comes to living situations. As soon as you tell someone about your living situation a voice in the back will scream they are living in an apartment with only 90-square-feet.

It's cool to do this in a weird cynical way. If everything is bigger in Texas, everything tries to be incredibly smaller in NYC. Now, one apartment for rent is one with some adorable swagger.

An apartment in the West Village with only 242-square-feet has been dubbed the 'coolest tiny apartment' for many and now you can rent it for $3,000 a month.

Before you jump at the price, you should know that cool apartments are red hot right now and this is normal. Recently, another West Village studio apartment was listed for $675,000!

This little apartment, which the owners have dubbed "The Wee Cottage", is twice as cool as that other one and it sure to provide you with some great memories and views.

The couch turns into your bed and your bookshelf transforms into a table for all the cool meals you will cook up. The apartment doesn't have a television but you can project all those shows you are streaming right about the fireplace.

There is also a shared garden space for making it really feel like a hovel in the forest.

Check out some cozy pics from this lovely little listing.

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[via New York Post] [Feature Image Courtesy StreetEasy]