We know we’re preaching to the choir when we say New York City is, hands down, the best.

Sure, soon we're going to have to pay three f*cking dollars to ride our gross subways. But hey, we also know our commute doesn’t suck nearly as much as we thought, so it balances out. Kind of.

If you’re curious about life in any other totally inferior cities around the world, check out Teleport, if you have some time to kill (or you're just generally masochistic).

Using data about housing, healthcare, education, and taxation, Teleport allows you to compare the quality of life from Aarhus, Denmark to Zurich, Switzerland.

There’s also a pretty neat job salary calculator that has the potential to be kind of depressing, even when you’re looking at what is apparently the median salary of certain careers in New York (only in a perfect world would the median teacher's salary in NYC be $47,000+).

Check out Detroit if you want to feel better about your life. 

Consider moving to Madison, Wisconsin for a wild ten minutes. Remember: pizza sucks everywhere else in this country.


Everywhere. It's a fact. It's science. Nobody knows how to do New York-style pizza except New York. 50% of that composition is geographic. 


When it comes down to it, it’s fun to check out the diversity of the world’s cities, but only because we’d never actually consider living anywhere else, would we? 

[via timeout] [Feature Image Courtesy Teleport]