Looking for Home? The Community You've Been Longing for Is Right in Boerum Hill

Whether you're new to the city or simply tired of the seemingly endless grind—without ever finding any real meaning in it, we can all agree that on some level, New York City can be pretty unforgiving when it comes to making meaningful connections, let alone ever feeling like you even belong. 

Couple all of that with the chaos of finding a good apartment in a decent neighborhood with at least a tolerable commute to wherever you need to get to—holy hell, this city is a beast.

Common offers the ever-illusive communal lifestyle, bringing ambitious, creative professionals together with their unique approach to enabling community through hospitality. 

Consider that beast tamed and thoroughly domesticated, and say hello to Common

Common offers the ever-illusive communal lifestyle, bringing ambitious, creative professionals together with their unique approach to enabling community through hospitality. 

Common is like a chill as hell utopia without the overwhelmingly sinister vibe of a cult. Okay, so maybe not a utopia, because unless it's Dinotopia, there's not really any place that's referred to itself as a utopia without actually being a low-key cult.

Common has beautiful co-living communities in six different neighborhoods in Brooklyn, two in San Francisco, and one in DC—all of which come fully furnished, stocked weekly with some of the essentials you agonize over forgetting, and rich in not only amenities, but the communities it fosters.

Their newest community, Common Baltic, sits right along the border between Park Slope and Boerum Hill. It's the newest imagining of what home could truly be, combining shared living with studio and one-bedroom options under one beautiful roof—with a beautiful rooftop deck to boot. 

Their communal living apartments come fully furnished with high end appliances, gorgeous kitchens, in-unit washers and dryers, super dope office-grade Wi-Fi, and weekly cleanings. 

And when we say move-in ready, we actually mean it. Once your application's approved and you're ready to move, the only thing you need is a suitcase. Boom. Done. You're living the high life without having to worry about a moving truck, movers themselves, and taking an axe to the sofa you know will never make it out the door.

But wait, how do they foster community without the hellacious sensibilities of a cult? Common doesn't force it. 

If you're looking for shared space with people likely sharing the same grind as you, Common Baltic is a great place to start. Of course, they're just as great if you're looking for your own private space. But just because you live alone doesn't mean you are alone.


Common invests in the community they harbor without any of that noisy, heavy-handed, campy approach like what you might find at corporate mixers, ropes courses, or watered down networking happy hours.

Whether it's a wine tasting, cocktail class, Sunday brunch, book club, movie night, or just a friendly potluck dinner, Common is all about laying the groundwork for any connection you want to make.

These aren't play dates. These aren't excruciating icebreaker games. These are pressure-free experiences you can share with someone you might not have been able to otherwise. 

And that's just your apartment! That's not even taking into account the laid back vibe of Boerum Hill, a place far enough removed from Manhattan to enjoy without sidestepping gaggles and flocks of insane tourists, and just close enough to get to without having to spend several hours commuting.

So whether you're looking to finally settle into a new spot you'll actually love to call home–with people you can enjoy it with, or you're looking to take that first step into the hustle and grind of New York City for the first time, check out Common Baltic

Take the First Step in Making the Connections You'll Love & Apply for Common Baltic Right Here.

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