Uh, what was with that Colonial Williamsburg Super Bowl ad? 

Isn't it basic human knowledge that using actual footage of the actual Twin Towers collapsing isn't fair game to promote tourism?

Let us put it this way: without the 9/11 footage, the video is a cool montage of America's history; it shows reverse footage of the first flight, John F. Kennedy, native Americans, a space mission, the feminist movement, farmers, trains, and baseball.

But why, why, why would Colonial Williamsburg think it's okay to show footage of the fiery World Trade Center collapsing? 

We don't really want to be reminded of that terrible day in our nation's history at any point in our Sunday evenings. 

Colonial Williamsburg: as a living-history museum, you should probably already be aware that certain footage would be wrenching to plenty of people, and that certain historical moments in our nation's past should be treated gently.

Yes, it's super cool to see footage of so many important moments in our nation's past, but the collapse of the Twin Towers wasn't just a casual heartbreak.

Plenty of people lost their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins the day the Twin Towers were attacked.


Colonial Williamsburg weighed in, tweeting, "Including WTC is powerful & subject to debate. But Am. Hist. is full of tragedies & triumphs. It made us who we are today. We must remember."

Yeah, Colonial Williamsburg, we do remember. Every time we look in the skyline. So, no, we did not need your commercial to remind us of the terrible day when nearly 3,000 lives were taken.

Do we want to see actual film footage of the building's fiery demise while we're watching a football game? We definitely don't. We especially don't want to be reminded of our loved ones' deaths during a museum's attempt to get people to buy tickets.

Colonial Williamsburg: very uncool. We're hoping you're not abiding by the "all press is good press" mantra, because we're definitely not planning a visit anytime soon.

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