It seems as if updated food courts and markets in travel hubs are all the rage these days. 

With a new food court at Penn Station called The Pennsyand a new food court in the works for the pit that is Port Authority, it's no surprise that some popular subway stops are following suit. 

However, eating food is one of the last things we want to do while on the subway. To us, it's tantamount to eating in an infectious disease ward of a hospital. Then again, we might be rethinking that assumption in the very near future.

Could you imagine buying an artisanal doughnut or a cold pressed juice without ever going above ground? According to DNAinfo, that may soon be a reality for the commuters who pass through the 59th Street Columbus Circle station. 

The aptly named, TurnStyle market will consist of vendors like Dylan's Candy Bar, Doughnuttery, and Pressed Juicery, Ellary's Greens, Meltkraft, and Bosie Tea Parlor

The vendors will also include retail options like Papyrus, Spectre & Co., Arth Hats, pass up shops, performances, art shows and more. The project will include 34 stores in total. 

It will have "three distinct shopping environments in one great concourse," with those three being a grab 'n go section for those in a rush, a retail section, and a food market. 


Though food will be served, there will be no full-cooking vendors on site, limiting the scope of potential vendors for the market. 

Though the Commercial Observer reported that the expected opening date for the TurnStyle market was in the spring of 2015, the space has yet to open. 


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However, DNAinfo states that the market is slated to open in April. 

Whenever it does open, you can be sure that there will be a lot more traffic through the Columbus Circle subway stops, but there will also be a lot less grouchy, hungry commuters, so we'll consider that a win. 

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[via DNAinfo] [Feature Image Courtesy Architecture Outfit]