We've seen our fair share of unexpected closures this year. New York Central Art Supply, St. Mark's Bookshop, and Fontana's Bar have all left us feeling a little empty inside. 

West Chelsea will say ‘ciao’ to another restaurant on September 3rd.

Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio is closing down Colicchio & Sons, located at 85 10th Avenue.

Eater reports that the Chef is closing his second restaurant in ten years at the space. The first, a pricey steakhouse called Craftsteak, had some rolling their eyes ($100 for a steak is a bit much, even in NYC).

The recession forced Colicchio to redo the space, and the reactions were all over the place.

Colicchio & Sons also felt the burn from some local foodies, like New York Magazine’s Adam Platt and The New York Post’s Steve Cuozzo.

However, Steve Sifton and the Times gave the restaurant three stars in 2010.

In the recent past, the tip-slayer (and legit salary payer) Colicchio lowered prices, and after things slowed down in 2014, he cut costs and portion sizes.


We’re not sure whether the third time will be the charm for Colicchio in the West Chelsea space, but he’s moving on to the Financial District.

His newest restaurant, Fowler and Wells, resides at the Beekman Hotel.


And as long as we don’t have to break out the Benjamins for a decent steak, we’re game to try his latest fare. 

[via Eater] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]