Did You Know Drinking Coffee Could Reverse All of the Damage Booze Has Done to Your Liver?

Best. News. Ever? Coffee lovers, this might just make your day. (At least it kinda sorta did for us... just listen up.)  

Just recently, Reuters indicated that drinking coffee could reduce liver damage that's been caused by alcohol consumption. How so, you might be asking? It's quite straightforward. 

In a research study conducted with nearly 450,000 people, it was found that drinking two additional cups of coffee or more a day was associated with nearly a 45% lower risk of developing liver cirrhosis.

As Reuters stated, "Compared to no coffee consumption, lead study author Dr. Oliver Kennedy of Southampton University in the U.K. estimated one cup a day was tied to a 22% lower risk of cirrhosis. With two cups, the risk dropped by 43%, while it declined 57% for three cups and 65% with four cups."


So what's the deal? Should we start drinking more and more coffee daily, with no end in sight? Well, not so fast. It's not all that simple. 

“Coffee is a complex mixture containing hundreds of chemical compounds, and it is unknown which of these is responsible for protecting the liver,” Kennedy said.

Sooooo... we'll still meet at the bar tonight? And then tomorrow morning, maybe a cup of coffee (or four) at the local cafe? 

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[via Reuters] [Feature Image Courtesy Monica Suma]