Widely considered to be among the most iconic and recognizable movies of all time, Saturday Night Fever didn’t just solidify John Travolta as a household name, it also made famous the club with that groovy light-up dance floor, 2001 Odyssey.

Though the movie was filmed in 1977, 2001 Odyssey was actually once a real club in Bay Ridge, and a pretty hot one at that. 

And yes, it indeed had the colorful dizzying dance floor that Tony Manero busted out his moves on.

Now, 39 years later, disco fever is hitting Brooklyn once again with a revamped version of the original nightclub, a three-week pop-up being cultivated by the legendary New York DIY promoters RINSED called 3001: Odyssey.

The massive loft venue will feature a custom-built sound system, outdoor rooftop space and, oh yes, that dazzling, multi-colored dance floor. There will be six individual, themed party nights, each with one of NYC’s top underground DJs lined up for them.

Spin masters such as Eli Escobar, R Gamble, Max McFerren and John Barera are all on the parties’ roster and the limited time event has hooked up with big-time industry names such as Glitterballnyc, The Umbrella, Party Line and Night People Records, setting one to take on each night.

But 3001: Odyssey adds yet another modern twist to all the work it’s putting in. 

Seemingly unprecedented in the nightlife scene, the pop-up is also facilitating two midweek “Dark Yoga” classes in the Brooklyn venue as well.


Described by RINSED as an immersive fitness experience with “abrasive music and unconventional breathing exercises,” these unique classes start at 11 p.m. like the Friday and Saturday parties, merging the high-energy club atmosphere with a surreal, laser-lit yoga class.

Even after the club revival, the unmistakable dance floor and the crazy cool yoga classes, 3001 continues to be a standout nightlife experience when it comes to what it’ll require from your wallet, as you can get into each party for a nifty $10, almost unheard of in the NYC specialty event sphere.

Oh, and they also throw in a one-hour open bar from 11p.m. to 12 a.m. with your ticket

It’s not hard to find the allure in this reimagined club, no matter what part of the NYC nightlife scene grabs you the most, heralding a return to the true glory days of partying in the city. 

Just check out the old spot with this throwback ad. 

One of the two RINSED founders, DJ Dan Wender, explains that, “When we started RINSED, it was a time where there were no good nightclubs… 

Now, it feels like the opposite is true. There are hundreds of options each night, but they’re overpriced and sold on the premise of big name headliners.

“3001: Odyssey wants to say straight out of the gate, this is a low-key dance spot, intended to give you one less decision to make. If you like dancing, the cover will be cheap, the music will be great, the sound will be loud and clear, and the drinks will be strong and affordable every night.”

The explosive Opening Party, hosted by Occupy the Disco, kicks off this Friday, April 15th with tickets available for pre-purchase for all of the events, including the Dark Yoga. You and your club buds can snag yours at right here.

So the big question is… Can you dig it? Because we most certainly can. 

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[Feature Image Courtesy Vogue]