Can you tell time?

We're going to go ahead and say you probably can. Although, you probably won't admit it, but you sometimes get the minute hands and second hands mixed up, or you at least misread it at a glance. It happens. 

But you'd probably have quite a hard time of it if you were to try and read this clock in Central Park, created by artist, Alicja Kwade. 

Unlike traditional clocks where the second hand moves about the stationary face of the clock, Kwade's second hand is always pointed vertically, all while still maintaining perfect time. 

How does this happen? Instead of relying on the movement of the second hand, the face of the clock rotates each second, while the minute and hour hands move along with the face. 

The art project, which will be on display in Doris C. Freedman Plaza until February 14, 2016, is meant to challenge our perspective of reality. 


The clock gives us the trippy, unsettling feeling of being unable to tell time, transporting us back to our kindergarten days, reminding us that nap-time was (and remains) the most important time of day. 

Check it out the clock's movement below. 

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[via Laughing Squid] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]