It's been established that we should probably be taking climate change seriouslyLike, New Yorkers especially

Here's the thing though, NOBODY ACTUALLY CARES or at least, nobody is interested in actually doing anything to help. Except Al Gore. We feel like Al Gore thinks that if he cares about climate change enough for the global population, he can save it himself. Like a climate change Jesus.

Most New Yorkers barely flinched when a bomb went off in the Flatiron neighborhood (23RD AND 6TH IS NOT CHELSEA) last week, it would take something really serious for us to bat an eye at climate change.

Well, that something serious is here. Climate change is here to take our coffee. Is nothing sacred anymore?

As reported by Gothamist, "a report by The Climate Institute has combined several studies that link climate change with the depletion of the world's coffee supply." The report indicates disappearing farmlands, as well as the rise of diseases and insects are threatening our beloved coffee plants.

This is also particularly troubling because the coffee industry is comprised of 125 million people who will be like, majorly f*cked. 

The real problem here is that without coffee, NYC will actually be ground zero for the zombie apocalypse. No doubt about it.


"It's anecdotal, but I don't know any coffee farmers who don't believe that their weather, and with it their disease and productivity issues, have changed dramatically over the last decade," says Peet's Coffee vice president Doug Welsh.


Let's put it to a vote: Death by caffeine withdrawal or should we just let ourselves sink into the East River, like we're supposed to.

So while you can, definitely grab a warm (or iced) cup of NYC's unofficial beverage–especially this Thursday, the 29th, which is National Coffee Day!

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy menutabapp]