Remember that awesome new Citywide Ferry Service that Mayor de Blasio announced back in March? The one that promised not only convenience and affordability, but reduced emissions and noise pollution? 

Well, we can't speak on the first part, but that whole environmental promise may not exactly be up to snuff. 

It looks like the city spoke way to soon on this one. 

According to a newly released environmental report by NYC's Economic Development Corporation, Nitrogen dioxide emissions from ferry engines could exceed the National Ambient Air Quality Standard set by the Environmental Protection Agency. 

The report claims that the new ferry system will not have a significant negative impact on the city as a whole, but areas and neighborhoods within a certain vicinity of the landing zones will see a rise in potentially harmful chemicals. 

For instance, nitrogen dioxide levels would reach almost six times the national standard in open spaces and 1 and a half times the national standard in residential areas at the Pier 11/Wall Street landing. 

Nine proposed landings would be negatively impacted by the chemical emitted from the ferry engines, according to the report, including.


Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1

Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6

Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park

Grand Street in the Lower East Side

East 62nd Street in the Upper East Side

East 90th Street in the Upper East Side

Gantry State Plaza in Long Island City

44th Drive Pier in Long Island City

Roosevelt Island

Stuyvesant Cove at East 21st Street

Yikes. That's just what New York needs, right? Even more pollution? 

We're hoping that city officials can find a way to remedy the situation before the ferry's launch in 2017, but these issues will likely push the opening date back a bit. 

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[via DNA Info] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]