The 2020 NYC Skyline Will Look Like An Absolute Mess | spoiled NYC

The iconic New York City skyline is getting an update whether we want it to or not.

The oldest truth about this city is that it is constantly changing. It could be as small as a new bodega going up, or iconic landmarks being torn down.

One change that creeps up on us is the ever changing skyline. We see cranes, workers and see some progress over time but once that building is finished we stand in wonderment in how it got there. But, what if we got some prep time to brace ourselves for the change?

CityRealty have compiled some insane data and renderings to give us a glimpse of what the ever changing skyline will look like in 2020.

We've talked about the buildings that are gonna shape the skyline in the future recently but seeing them all in one render makes it look all the more concrete. That this change is actually happening and this is what future backgrounds for selfies are gonna look like.

Along with eye-catching renderings, the report also gives us eye-popping facts. Manhattan condo sales are expected to reach all-time highs in the next few years. This year, new development sales are expected to hit $8.4 billion. By 2018, that number could be $10 billion.

The reason for the high jumps comes from luxury apartments being built in these new buildings. Buildings like One57, which is located right near Central Park has an apartment that could go for $250 million.

You can expect more outrageous sales around Central Park South along with Midtown West and Tribeca in the next few years.


via CityRealty

So, change is a coming. We can't fight but can we hope that it doesn't fight with us. These new buildings are going to shape our sklyine just as much as our lives. We just hope that we have feelings of wonderment and not anger when gazing at the skyline.

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