There are so many facets of the New York City subway system that most people don't see or think about everyday. 

For example, did you know people have paid $70k of counterfeit money to the MTA in the last few years? Or how the subway lines got their names and routes? 

What about the all-but-forgotten City Hall subway stop? It's no longer in use, but it's probably the most gorgeous station in the City.

Designed by Raphael Gustavino in the early 20th Century, this station most famously features skylights-- something every subway station should have. 

Gustavino's design is gorgeous. He had a knack for making urban spaces in an incredibly special way we really don't seem to encourage anymore. He also designed the incredible vaulted ceilings under the Queensborough Bridge at Bridgemarket

So, take a look at these 6 trains going through the old City Hall station. Once you see it, most other subways will just seem mundane.

Seriously, it's not just something from another time, it seems like a station from another city-- maybe just another version of NYC that's long gone. 


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