Do you think New York City needs more food carts? Well, you're in luck! By the year 2023, the number of food carts could DOUBLE in New York City!

As reported by DNAinfo, a law was being introduced to the City Council this week that will be put this into motion. 

If this law is passed, that would bring the number of food carts up to 8,000 throughout the city!

As if we don't already eat too much halal food. 

There is currently a wait list of almost 3,000 vendors waiting for permits to open a cart. Permits cost just $200 for two years; but that's if they are obtained legally through the city.  

Due to the extremely long wait list, some vendors have resorted to obtaining their permits through other, very pricey, organizations.

Street Vendor reports that New York City is home to nearly 12,000 food carts, even though only a few thousand permits exist. Hm. That doesn't add up. Obviously many vendors are operating illegally...but with good intentions?


"I'm not trying to break the law," vegan food cart owner, Adam Sobel says.  "I want to be able to go to sleep at night and not have anxiety about getting arrested for some of my vegan sandwiches."  

According to Eater NY, many brick-and-mortar business owners are opposed to the idea of more carts, saying that they will take up too much sidewalk room and take away from their businesses.  


Still, it's hard to feel bad when we're about to have way more (hopefully affordable) options for our lunch breaks!

[via Eater NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Pinterest]