New York City has figured out a lot of different ways to go around that whole Manhattan-is-an-island thing. 

There are boats, ferries, bridges-- even a section of the A train that goes ALONG THE EAST RIVER. 

There's water literally all around us, yet we've come up with a number of strategies to ensure that we never have to come in close contact with it.

However, Nancy Nowacek, designer of recent Citizen Bridge proposal, wants to change all that. 

Nowacek's goal is to construct a temporary, floating 1,400 foot walkway connecting Red Hook, Brooklyn to Governors Island in order to "reclaim the city's waterways as public space."

She aims to create an intimate experience between pedestrians and the water, one that is typically prohibited due to the construction of modern modes of transportation. 

Nowacek is currently working toward her goal of $25,000 needed to fund the project through her Kickstarter campaign


We're definitely super intrigued by this idea. Sarah Palin could see Russia from her house, but what if we could see Brooklyn from a floating bridge?

If anything, it'll be super Instagram-worthy. 

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[via Viewing NYC] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]