Do you work in New York City? 

We do, and we consider ourselves pretty happy. However, according to job site Indeedwe're not among the happiest workers in the country. 

Indeed looked at job satisfaction in the 'happiest' large cities in America to come up with a ranking of 1 through 25. 

Though we're far from the least happiest city in the country, we were ranked 19th happiest city in terms of job satisfaction in the country.

Considering we actually made the list of cities with the top job happiness in the country, we can be pretty proud about that, right? 

Meh, who knows? Just know that if you're happy with your job, you might be in the minority here.


Who's happiest? Apparently, that would be Los Angeles, followed by Miami, San Diego, Providence, and San Francisco. Seemingly, the warmer the weather, the happier workers feel. 

Alternatively, the city with the lowest level of job satisfaction shocked us. 

Denver, CO was recently rated by the U.S. News & World Report as the best major city in America to live, yet according to Indeed, it's the city with the lowest level of job satisfaction. 


In the race for who could care less, Denver beat out Indianapolis, Louisville, Pittsburgh, and Richmond, all of which are cities not located in particularly sexy locations, nor have legalized marijuana. What's you problem, Denver? You just won the Super Bowl. Get over yourselves.

So what are some of the highest-ranking jobs in job satisfaction? 

According to Elite Daily, it's anything with a focus on public service or voluntarism, like a substitute teacher or childcare provider. Apparently, kids can make you happy, especially when you can hand them back at the end of the day.

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