Happy Earth Day, New Yorkers! 

In the spirit of honoring and protecting our environment, Citi Bike is offering free rides on Friday for anyone who signs up for a bike online. 

Just head to their website, fill out some personal information, and you'll receive a code via email that will allow you to bike for free today. 

A free Citi Bike ride is certainly helpful for anyone impeded by the "Car-Free Earth Day," banning cars on certain areas of Broadway. 

The free Citi Bike day is cosponsored by MasterCard, encouraging all New Yorkers, whether they've previously participated in the ride share program before or not, to grab a bike for car-free Earth Day. 

"Whether you've never been on a Citi Bike or you ride every day, Earth Day is a perfect time to strap on a helmet, get on a blue bike and gear up for the spring season. There are more reasons than ever to ride Citi Bike; this Earth Day we hope you give it a try," said Jay Walder, the President & CEO of Motivate. 

So instead of relying on a taxi today, enjoy the beautiful sunny weather on a bike ride through the city. It'll make you happy. It's science. Just look at these happy New Yorkers. Especially the puppies. 







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[via ABC News] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]