If you live in Harlem, Astoria, Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, or Long Island City and feel like the subways have been cramping your style, you're in luck.

The NYC bike-sharing program Citi Bike has just announced plans to expand into these 5 new neighborhoods!

2,000 new bikes will be available at 140 new stations, bringing the city's total number of these friendly little blue people movers to a whopping 12,000.

Now we can avoid tourists who think it's acceptable to bike on the sidewalk in even more places. Yay!

With day passes available for $12 and yearly memberships available for $163, this service can be both more affordable and more eco-friendly than travel by car, taxi, or even the subway– not to mention an easy way to get that workout in!


The service, which has been criticized in the past for catering to more privileged areas and ignoring those more downtrodden, has yet to announce a plan to expand further into unrepresented areas like the Bronx or Staten Island, so it looks like they still have some work to do.


But hey, at least they're peddling in the right direction?

[Feature Image Courtesy NYPost]