It's back.  Let's take a trip to the West Village for the grand re-opening of the renowned speakeasy, Chumley's!  

It's been 10 years since the restaurant, formerly known as a literary pub, has opened their doors, and now the WAIT IS OVER.

Due to a roof collapse in 2007, the hotspot was forced to close its doors until just now.  

Restaurateur Allesandro Borgognone saw the potential that it had and wanted to help restore it to what it used to be. The 1920's vibe needed to be part of the comeback.  

There are many more health and safety codes nowadays so all of the renovations are up to date, making the space a little bit smaller than what visitors may be used to.

With the help of James DiPaolo, a historic curator, they were able to work together to display old pictures, book jackets, and portraits of writers who had once stopped by the restaurant. 

Pretty cool, right?

According to Eater NY, dinner is reservation only (for now), but people can walk-in for drinks at the famous bar. 


So the most important part? The menu. Chef Victoria Blamey's menu offers 18 delicious items including: fried chicken, burgers, steak tartare, a vegetarian mushroom tart, and a kampachi dish.  

The cocktails spotlight the theme of the bar with lots of brown spirits.  


Blamey has said, "There were so many people who were here and are excited or afraid that we won't pay respect to what it used to be."

Make a reservation, or grab a a friend and have a drink! We know you won't be disappointed. 

[via Eater NY] [Feature Image Courtesy West View News]