Yup, Marijuana Nutella & Pot Peanut Butter Seriously Exist... and They Both Look Extremely Delicious

Chrontella. Pif. Sound familiar? If not, take a look at this Instagram feed below and refresh your memory about these delicious chocolate and peanut butter knockoff spreads. 

A Canadian company on Instagram called Chrontella has packed 300 milligrams of cannabis extract in just one tiny bottle containing three servings (and according to Vice, each bottle costs approximately $23/each). 

Chrontella clearly indicates on their Instagram profile that nothing is for sale and everything on display is just a showcase, but we'll be the judge of that, right? (wink, wink)

Now, excuse us for a minute, as we slide up in that DM... meanwhile, enjoy these photos below, will ya? 


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[via Vice]