Brace Yourselves, New Yorkers: This Year Could Be the Warmest Christmas in NYC. EVER.

The heatwave continues... 

We know, we've been covering New York City weather like we're The Weather Channel lately, but with good reason. It's been unseasonably warm. No, like seriously warm. 

Just recently, we told you about November's record warm temperatures, and then kept your feet to the "fire" with news of that 60 degree weekend earlier this month.  

And now, there's this from the fabulous folks over at TWC-- barring any last-minute changes, that is.  

On Christmas Eve in New York City, temperatures could go as high as 63 degrees and... on Christmas Day, you might ask? 

Wait for it... SIXTY (that's 6-0) degrees, which could come very close to breaking the all-time NYC record of 64 degrees way back in 1982. 


So what's the good part about all of this warm weather? It's pretty simple: you get to do a bunch of once-in-a-lifetime NYC things in December. Now get to it now while this warm weather lasts, will ya?  

(And P.S., if you want to stay up-to-date with all of the latest weather updates for December 25th, visit the weather geniuses over at Poncho here. They’ll keep you updated, 24/7/365, right on your phone.) 

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[via The Weather Channel]