Choose Your Own Adventure! We're Giving You the Chance to Plan Your Dream Vacay

As actual winter has suddenly crashed upon us (only to leave someday soon, right?!) onto New York City, and the Ned Stark memes get more and more irritating, how does one not start dreaming of being far, far away from this grey city?

Don't get us wrong. We love this city (note our masthead), but hey, three people in our office have had to stay home because they slipped on ice already, we want OUT. Ya feel?

Of course you do, but we get it too– between work, being broke, and trying not to get splashed with icy sludge by a taxi, when are you supposed to plan this so-called escape? 

Well, we can't do all the work for you, but what we can do is offer you the power to plan your dream vacation, complete with airfare and nomz– completely on us

Still a little blurry on the details? All you have to do is pick your destination, and our friends at Tasting Table,, and Newser will make it happen.

That's literally it. Seriously. Think of a city. Got one? Great, now enter to win right here. Good job! We knew you could do it.


We swear, the stresses of putting together a getaway pretty much melt away once you don't have to worry about the finances. 

You'll not only be getting roundtrip airfare for two—wherever you choose, but you'll be scoring a 3-night boutique hotel stay, and $750 in dining credit so you don't have to worry about a thing besides making sure your boss doesn't catch you Yelp-ing restaurants during work.

We know, holding this much power can be kind of intense.

You could visit the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Climb to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle. Listen to real Ryan-Gosling-Can't-Screw-This-Up Jazz in New Orleans. Party it up in Las Vegas. Eat kale in Portland. 

Do whatever it is people do to have fun in Detroit (hey, we're just tossing around ideas).


The possibilities are endless as your imagination. Or, as endless as your Pinterest travel board.

Overwhelmed by the options? Trust us, enter to win this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to plan your perfect vacay first, and we're pretty sure you'll be able to nail down the details later.

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