Yes, we've already told you that Chipotle is sending out 21 million coupons for free entrées, but we're still not so sure we'll be eating a burrito bowl there anytime soon. 

Then again, we'd throw down for some Chipotle chips & guac any day of the week. 

Thankfully for our wallets (because everyone knows that guac is extra), Chipotle is now offering free guacamole and chips when you win their new digital game, entitled 'Guac Hunter.'

Along with their supplier and partner, Avocados from Mexico, Chipotle's new game can be played at or on your smartphone at

So how can you win your free chips at guac? 

In a tongue-and-cheek sign, Chipotle writes, "[we] know you know it's extra, but right now you can get it free." 

We're down with that. Click the play now to start your journey to free guac. 


Chipotle doesn't take its guac hunting lightly. The game is actually difficult.

Essentially, you need to find five differences between two photos within forty five seconds. Sounds easy right? Well every time you guess wrong, you are hit with a five second penalty. 

Make it past the first round? Great! Now do it two more times without losing.

Gets a bit harder now doesn't it? 


Don't worry. In true 21st Century form, Chipotle will give you a free chips and guac voucher just for playing... because participation awards are all the rage these days. 

When you win (or lose), you'll be prompted to enter your information. Soon afterward, you'll receive a text message including your free voucher. 

But somehow, those participatory chips and guac just don't taste as sweet as victory chips and guac. Sigh...

Happy hunting! 

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[via Nation's Restaurant News] [Feature Image Courtesy]