Any true Chipotle addict knows that the chain likes to keep things simple. 

So much so that they've only added two new menu items (sofritas and chorizo) in the past 23 years since their opening. 

But hold on to your burritos though, because we have some pretty sweet news. 

CEO Steve Ells told us back in January that they've finally settled on a dessert between the two they were testing last year. 

And the winner is... Buñuelos! The treat consists of fried tortilla strips with honey and cinnamon sugar. Chipotle's version would include an apple caramel dipping sauce.

CMO, Mark Crumpacker, explains that “It only adds one ingredient not already found in our restaurants, it’s easy to prepare, and it’s delicious”.

The dessert will mark the third new item to the well-established menu.


Ever since the E. Coli outbreaks of 2015, Chipotle has been trying to coax customers back in to return to the pre-outbreak profit margins. 

They've been doing significantly better this fiscal quarter, but hope to see even greater improvements with the new dessert addition. 


Keep your eye out for Buñuelos next month at a Chipotle near you. That summer bod can wait until June, right? 

[Feature Image Courtesy EliteDaily] [via Bustle]