Chinese food and New Yorkers can't live without each-other, and it's always a great dinner option for any occasion. As fellow fans of Chinese food, we’re always down for deals and celebrations.

Like Christmas. Totally legit reason to get some dumplings for the holidays.

So, what if we told you that for Chinese New Year, there’s a dumpling special that not even you can refuse?

Carma Asian Tapas, a restaurant in West Village, is serving over 15 styles of $1 dumplings in celebration of Chinese New Year on January 21st.

Yeah, you heard right.

Like we said, we can't live without the hours, deals, and meals like our favorite cuisine. In a competitive area, the deal would pair nicely with any of their drink selections, like their sake.

Plus, we're pretty familiar with Carma Asian Tapas's wide selection of dumplings and Latin fusion alone (You should go anyway, it's so f*cking awesome!).

According to TimeOut NY, the offer stands from 11am to 10pm one day with other dim sum combos. That’s including but not limited to crab soup, chicken basil, and more!


Other offers include Shanghainese pork shumai, scallion pancakes, and pork bao.

And yes, they’re also a dollar.

We've said that. We're impressed too. If you have other plans for this Saturday, there’s a couple other dollar dumpling establishments left, but personally, we'd like to be festive. 


Have a great Year of the Rooster!

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy allthe2048]