Olympic fever has been going around, and everyone is trying to break a record.

Some people win swimming records, some win gymnastics records, and some win dominoes records. Some special few even win mattress dominoes records.

Yes, China just set the world record for most human mattress dominoes toppled.

Two bedding companies, Stylution Int’l and Ayd Group, decided to try their hand at breaking the standing record because, well, promotions.

A total of 2,016 people and their mattresses have participated in this world record, and it’s probably the most ridiculous world record we’ve seen in a while.

The record was set outside a shopping mall in Wuhna, Hubei, China, and you can check out the video below to get a full grasp on the ridiculousness.

Don’t feel bad about not breaking any world records yet. You just have to think more along these lines. If you can.


[via Thrillest] [Feature Image Courtesy Guinness World Records]