NYC's First Chick-fil-A Closes After 59 Violation Points in Latest Health Department Inspection

New York City's first Chick-fil-A just recently opened back in October. Some New Yorkers love it, some hate it... but all would agree. It definitely hits the spot. 

So just recently, on December 24th, the restaurant was inspected and cited for 59 violation points-- namely not refrigerating food below 42 degrees, not properly sanitizing its “wiping cloths,” and evidence of filth flies was also cited. 

Although the restaurant was not mandated to close by the Department of Health, 59 points sounds bad enough that maybe it should have been. 

A note on the door of the shuttered establishment recently read, "To ensure we continue to provide our guests with the best possible service and experience, we are closing for a few days beginning on Wednesday, December 30th for restaurant maintenance and facility updates.

We look forward to serving our guests breakfast on January 4th at 6:30 a.m." 

All of this stomach-churning news leaves us with one simple question:

Will you ever go back to Chick-fil-A again, or just wait it out until the next health department inspection becomes public record? As for us, we aren't really sure as of yet.


But one thing's for certain... we definitely need to start hitting up more farm-to-table restaurants in NYC. 

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[Feature Image Courtesy Time] [via New York Post]