We’ve got that update on the Cheescake Factory in NYC.

Remember all those chains that were a huge hassle at the Queens Center Mall in Elmhurst?

It looks like we can expect the Cheesecake Factory (unchained) to be fully armed and operational in October.

Eater reports that we’ll get a Cheesecake Factory in NYC next month. Finally.

The restaurant location, formerly space occupied by the Verizon Store and The Children’s Place, can fit 180 diners indoors, and 50 more outdoors.

We think that might be a little ambitious, but the more the merrier, we guess. Speaking of ambition, did you know there’s over 250 things to choose from on their menu?

Consider today’s fun fact quota met.


The company’s looking to hire 285 people to work at the location, in all the usual roles: bartender, cashier, server, line cook, and undercover New Yorkers who will throw your ass out on the street if you declare any cheesecake on the premises “the best cheesecake in NYC."

They’ve got more than 50 flavored cheesecakes, but hey, we’ve got plenty of tasty cheesecakes to choose from already.


So we’ll settle for some of the tasty-sounding avocado egg rolls. 

[via Eater] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]