If you’re down with tiny apartments but sick of the city, check out this cutesy 1953 Spartenette Trailer that sits on a 12-acre Catskills farm.

For $125 a night, up to four people can crash at this mini retro pad in the rural community of Woodridge.

Somehow, this place manages to have two bedrooms, one with a full bed and the other with two twins.

The trailer comes equipped with vintage appliances and a totes adorbz leather kitchenette seating area.

There’s also running water in the kitchen and bathroom but visitors have to use an outhouse for the toilet— so this might not be every city dweller’s cup of tea.

The Airbnb host describes the place, “If you like to cook, hike, swim, visit farmers markets and be surrounded by animals, this is the place for you. Woodridge is a rural community located in the southern Catskill Mountains. It is the place to get away from it all.”

Check out some of their super cute pics:

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